jb Motor Run Capacitors, CBB60, CBB61 and CBB65

We have some different types of our Motor capacitors. We have box type, round type and Aluminum case.
We can make in CE, UL, RoHS standard and safety and stability as customers require.
Motor Capacitor is famous for low dissipation factor, lower temperature rise and high reliability and durability.

Do you know our Motor Capacitors CBB60~CBB65 can used in widely applications?
It can be widely used in Water Pump, Air Compressor, Cleaning Machine, Motors, Washing machine, Electric fan, Air conditioner, Fridge and Inverter welder.

October is our peak production season for Motor Running Capacitors, we suggest you to send your order plan in advance to get a fast lead time.

JFS - CBB60 Round Shape and Plastics Case Motor Capacitor
- Very low loss at high frequency
- Small size and small loss
- High insulation resistance
- Good capacitance stability and self-recovery

JFS - CBB61 Box Shape and Plastics Case Motor Capacitor
- small size and light weight
- small tangent in waste angle
- Good self-concrescence.

JFS - CBB65 Round Shape and Aluminum Case Motor Capacitor
- Good self-healing characteristic
- Long life-span
- Used for air-conditioners, refrigerators, generators, illuminating lamps, etc.