jb Capacitors Company offer Mini size Film Capacitors

jb Capacitors Company have some Mini Size series Film capacitors, they can use on the limit space board, they are our JFF, JFLM, JFMM series.

JFF and JFMM are mini box type, JFLM is dipped type. There are many different choice for customer’s demands, their features is in below table.

40C~ +85C 40C~ +85C 40C~ +85C
0.001uF~2.2uF 0.001 ~ 0.33uF (±5%) 0.001 ~ 1μF
±5% ±5% ±5%
50V~630V 100V~1000V 100V~1000VDC
Miniature size, Non-inductive metal structure, pitch:5mm Dissipation factor is low, mini size, pitch:5mm Low losses, high dv/dt capability, pitch:5mm,7.5mm